Ethical principal apply to all department of Unisense Apparels Ltd that produce readymade garments for exporting to foreign countries. These principles set forth the basic requirement of Unisense Apparels Ltd in order to do business with the customers Unisense Apparels Ltd makes scenes less effort to promote best practice and continuous improvement of ethical issues in all its departments. For easy access to the principles or issues Unisense Apparels Ltd posted contents in the notice boards in both Bangla and English.

Laws and Regulations:

Unisense Apparels Ltd operates in the full compliance with the local law and regulation.

Employment Age:

Workers, Employees are hired less than 18-years of age.

Forced Labor:

Unisense Apparels Ltd do not use reflex or forced effort –indentured bonded or others.

Wages and Benefit :

Unisense Apparels Ltd pay compensation all employees fairly by providing compensation package comprising wages and benefits that at the very less, comply with legally mandated minimum standard. Each employee is provided with a clear, written accounting for each pay period.

Employees are compensated for overtime according to the local law.

Hours of Work:

Unisense Apparels Ltd ensures legal limitation on regular and overtime hour as mandated by the local law of 60-hour per week including overtime. Except in extraordinary business circumstances .All employees are entitled to one day off in every seven day period.

Health and Safety:

Unisense Apparels Ltd employees with a clean, safe and healthy work environment designed to prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of or occurring during course of works. Our facility complies with all applicable, legally mandated standards for workplace health and safety.

All the workers and staff enjoy free medical consultation and limited treatment. Company doctors are available full time.


Unisense Apparels Ltd do not discrimination on the basis of race, age, color, national, origin, gender, religion, sexual, orientation, disability or any others factors. Factory respects cultural differences, employment including hiring, remuneration, benefits, and advancement, termination based on ability land not on belief of or other personal characteristics.


Unisense Apparels Ltd treats all employees with respect and dignity. Management do not encourage to corporal punishment physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment.

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