Fabric Quality Control:
  • Mandatory to conduct 10% random inspection of all incoming fabric rolls by AQL 4 point system to access the quality level of in-house fabric.
  • Maintaining shade bank with family.
  • Maintaining blanket for shade control for wash, non wash both
  • Storing & cutting of fabric dye lot / shade wise.
Cutting Quality Control:
  • Marking & spreading inspection.
  • 100% cut panel check before sending to sewing.
  • Maintaining cutting wise remnants with records.
Sewing Quality Control:
  • 100% in line process inspection.
  • Output table Inspection.
  • Final Audit.
Finishing Quality Control :
  • 100% in side inspection before wash.
  • After wash checking hand feel & wash effect etc.
  • Button inspection after attaching.
  • Inside Inspection
  • Top side Inspection.
  • Measurement check.
  • Final Getup.
  • Final Audit.
  • Pre-final inspection after completion of packing with 2.5 AQL.
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