Effective implementation and monitoring the principles of management throughout the organization with compliant of the national & international law / legislation and standard to improve relation between employees and management.

  • Meeting compliance with the country law & customers “Code of Conduct”
  • To compliance with social responsibility
  • Maintaining high standard of health, safety and environment.
  • Knowing and meeting the applicable stator and regulatory requirements.
  • Providing necessary resources including knowledge and training to employees.


Employment Policy:
  • Child Labour : Children are strictly prohibited to be employed.
  • Equal treatment / No Discrimination : All employees have equal access to jobs.
  • Compensation: Wages paid as per legally mandated minimum rates.
  • Working Hours: Working hours followed with the prevailing laws.
  • Leave: Employees are entitles as per legally mandated leave.
  • No Harassment or Abuse: Work environment free of harassment or abuse.
  • Voluntary Employment: Forced labour, involuntary prison labour is not allowed.
  • All workers are oriented before going to the workstation.
Workplace Environment of Factory:
  • Floors are designed and allocated as per international compliance standard.
  • Equipment and machineries are allocated with compliant.
  • Space for employees is maintained as per standard in the floor.
  • Work stations are properly ventilated.
  • Floors are maintained neat and clean.
  • Separate store for fabric and accessories.
  • All goods in the stors are properly labeled, Bin cards available.
Health & Safety:
  • Assured a safe and hygienic working environment.
  • Appropriate and adequate personal safety equipment and clothing are provided.
  • Employees are provided pure drinking water, hygiene toilets & washing facilities.
  • All electric appliances are maintained by qualified engineers and electricians.
  • Noise and lights are maintained as per standard.
  • Only trained and designated persons are handled chemical and heavy materials.
  • Available safety instructions and MSDS are provided near to the work station.
  • Awareness programs are conducted with the employees periodically to aware H & S.
  • Sufficient first-aid boxes are provided in the station.
  • A well equipped medical center is provided with full time doctor and nurse.

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